Whether you have recreational fitness & sport goals or simply have visions for a healthy lifestyle, having seasonal training goals and planning for them will have huge payoffs not to mention keeping you engaged along the way.  Of course knowing your fitness style – all the things you love to do and also what you don’t like to do will definitely keep you from falling victim to FOMO (fear of missing out) and overwhelm.

(I use my vision board to make this process fun, creative and visual – looking forward to hosting a vision board workshop at the end of the month – so watch for it!) 

Not all of my clients are endurance athletes or even interested in participating in a triathlon (or some other sport event), but I have learned over the many years of training and staying fit that breaking down the year into seasonal goals has huge benefits.  Setting seasonal goals in alignment with your current life priorities and adjusting expectations helps to keep things fresh and realistic.  I can remember years where my main events were pulling the bike trailer with two pre-schoolers 20km to the beach and home again!

I’m a big fan of Triathlon Swim Coach Gerry Rodrigues after following his training protocols last year and share his explanation of how a triathlon swim season is broken down with different objectives.  You always know when someone’s coaching philosophy jives with your own and Gerry’s certainly jives with mine.  I also love that he addresses the priority that family and friends should have in the sustainable triathlon (or fitness) lifestyle. I share this as someone who has been at this for a very long time,…… and not always competing but always re-inventing and finding the balance between consistency and freshness, not burnout.