…so I decided to have a “20 min” nap before going for the run…and when I finally woke to the stove timer going off it was 4:08 and I was supposed to have been a couple of blocks down the road meeting my long distance run buddy by 4:05… so I sprang to my feet, threw on a buff, gloves and vest then flew out the door to find Pauline chugging up the hill to get me! Great run…but almost missed it….legs feel spring loaded…. yeehaw for short fast runs like the unplanned ones this week, with younger speedsters like my friend Madeleine, balanced with the longer runs with my regular run mates, Pauline & Heatheranne.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.27.45 AM

Today is the last day of November, a weekday, and by tradition my last day of the off season before launching back into training for the coming year’s athletic/fitness goals. That said, it’s been an interesting week of more intense training than I had planned with awesome friends – one in particular, with a newly purchased training plan for her spring marathon. To be clear I haven’t decided on any race goals this year so I’m happy to play for the love of it and focus on coaching others! And so it happened that on my last week of off season / down time I ended up just “givin’ ‘er”…. and so reved by a late night speed workout I was unable to sleep.

Last year was my bi-decade year for a big long distance event so yes, I enjoyed a few naps while training long.  At age 57 I’m finally truly understanding the POWER of sleep, rest and recovery! Without having to punch a corporate time clock for the last couple of years I’ve finally made the shift to resting more and getting used to not pushing through tiredness and exhaustion to be productive, stay fit and strong. This comes at a time that I am witnessing my daughters juggling parenting, career and homelife with their fitness and energy levels….. brings back such a flood of memories and pulls at my heartstrings ….. a lot!

Over the years I have developed a habit of editing consumer driven Christmas mania from my priorities, and instead welcome December with a calmness and anticipation for more minalmist approach to the season with unexpected opportunities to nuture creativity, healthy activity outdoors, relaxed coffee dates and workouts with friends, and in recent years to spend precious time with sweet grandchildren (and if this gives some my adult children some moments of stillness and rest, all the better!).

So with all my heart I welcome December and look forward to the day to day surprises, creating new memories and loving every minute of it….. including lung busting hill running with speedy younger friends! (Going to love me some recovery naps too!)