Never one to get too crazy over making New Year’s Resolutions – probably because growing up my goal setting was such that by January 1st of any year I was already totally immersed in a training regime and on my way to hitting targets…. such is the life of a young athlete. September was also my time to set academic challenges and get into a new routine; this routine also seemed to stick as I headed into the work world and parenthood, so September always feels more like a new year to me than January 1st.  That said, New Years 2012 is one that I decided to put together a vision board with my plans to do Ironman Mont Tremblant and express my already established goals in a visual and creative form. For me, the goal-setting process is about clarifying my priorities so that I minimize the overwhelm brought on by wanting to do too much in the confines of a 24 hour day. I learned at an early age to push the limits of time …… I’m remembering early starts with 5 am swim practices and ending the day at 11 pm at age 13. Maybe amazing, but not adviseable.

So now in my Third Act of life I like to think I’m smarter and more realistic. I love the creative process of doing a vision board and it really does help clarify what items on my “to do” or “wish list” are most important and what may be more whimsical or distracting as they take valuable space in consciousness. I’ll likely hang on to the many things that have joyfully anchored themselves in my lifestyle, embrace a new project that excites me and hopefully edit some of the less satisfying notions.

A couple of years ago my daughter Meg and I organized a Vision Board Workshop.  It was a great day with a wonderful group of random women…. and we’ve witnessed several of the participants experience amazing transformations in their life since that day. With a few excercises to get particiants clarifying and editing we facilitate goal setting in a totally creative, fun and supportive way. One does not have to be an artist to create a totally kick ass vision board!  Having been to many 2 hour goal setting workshops that fail to inspire so I will be hosting a rad Vision Board Party on Sunday, January 21st at Ridgeway House in Wolfville.  Whether you’re looking to identify your 2018 North Star or excited to express your 2018 Vision think about joining us for a fun filled and productive day on January 21st!

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