In addition to small group programs, I work with a limited number of individuals on a one to one basis each year. I believe we are all an experiment of one, and that coaching is a privilege.  Over the course of my life I have gained some precious insights into the art of balancing, or should I say juggling, family, work, and health.   And when I say “art”,  I really do mean to include all the messiness and mucking around of making art as well.  It has always been a deep desire for me to live my life in the most creative and innovative way possible, and while the balancing and juggling were at times challenging I find myself suddenly entering the Third Act of Life with a thriving family, incredible physical health, and a passion for working with others in navigating their own way forward.

My coaching expertise lends itself well to those looking to learn or hone new skills, take on a physical challenge that is movement and performance-based, and looking for an active lifestyle based on a balanced, and holistic approach.  Assessments and programming are entirely dependent on individual needs, capacity and resources.

My coaching certifications are primarily in the sporting world with accreditations in triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. I have been swimming, biking, running for over 40 years, so yes it is a lifestyle that works for me, and continues to guide my daily activity choices.  I am also keenly passionate about being outdoors and really cannot say if I love being in/on the water more than in the woods!  My best date ever was climbing to the top of the “Chief” in Squamish, BC and one of my most treasured awards in a sport was a National Championship in the sport of Canoe/Kayak.

As a head coach of a swim club at the age of 20, I have never wandered far from the role.  I have enjoyed introducing “newbies” to my muses and surround myself with an active tribe for as long as I can remember. I have witnessed first-hand life-changing transformations of those who aspire to discover that inner athlete at any age. ……. All this to say that I am an aging athlete who is aging athletically and incredibly inspired to coach anyone looking for some of the same.